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Hot Stone Massage

Hot Stone Massage – Massage Red Deer

Hot stone massage therapy is used to reduce tension, help you relax, ease damaged soft tissues and relaxes the stiff muscles in the body. How is a hot stone massage performed? Smooth stones are heated with water and placed on specific points of the body such as on the spine, chest, stomach face, feet, toes and palms. These stones are made from a specific type of volcanic rock that contains heat and called basalt. The stones are heated between 130 to 145 degrees. These stones expand the blood vessels and `increases blood circulation.  Cold stones can also be used during a hot stone massage procedure, to soothe the skin and calm engorged blood vessels.

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    Benefits Of Our Hot Stone Massage

    Premium Massage Services

    Unlike before, finding a massage spa that can take care of your needs and make you feel relieved from head to toe can be extremely difficult. But today, such a service is just a click away. We are a local massage spa offering the best hot stone massage near you. If you want an incredible hot stone massage, search no further, we are right here for you.

    Our hot stone massage therapy can make you feel like a newborn baby, looking refreshed, relieved and stress-free. Visit us to learn more about our services.

    We have various interesting and abundant options in our massage spa. If you want to treat your body and kick-start your massage journey in an undiluted and unraveled manner, we can help you achieve that easily. Our timely and professional hot stone massage can eliminate all forms of body rigidity and muscle stiffness, you are guaranteed of maximum value and comfort.

    Reliefs Pain and Muscle Tension

    Subtle heat is a good therapy used to relieve muscle stiffness and pain. We apply hot stones on specific parts of the body which automatically increases the flow of blood to the affected area. This increases muscle flexibility and range of motion of the patient. We can either use hot or cold stone as a priority massage depending on your situation.

    Promotes Sleep

    If you are finding it difficult to have a sound sleep or rest well, our hot stone massage therapy might be all you need to relax your nerves and sleep like a baby. After a stressful day at work, a good sleep will re-energize you and prepare you for another day, but failure to have a good night rest can lead to major health complications in the long run.

    Why Choose Our Hot Stone Massage Services

    Excellent Customer Service

    If you are skeptical if a hot stone massage works well for you, you can contact our support services and our representative will be glad to answer your questions and suggest alternative options for you. We recommend you consult your doctor for `exert advice if you have a serious health condition.

    Affordable Service

    Most people often associate a hot stone massage service with high costs, which is not the case with us. Our hot stone massage therapy is affordable, and we offer our clients an all-inclusive package that meets their needs. Are you searching for professional massage red deer services near you? Contact us today!

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